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Sandhya Rao Hermon

Director of Research and Evaluation, California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC)

SANDHYA RAO HERMON is the Director of Research and Evaluation at the California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC). Her research interests relate to social work workforce development, organizational change and the evaluation of learning.

Dr. Rao Hermon works closely with CalSWEC's university, county and Regional Training Academy (RTA) partners to evaluate the effectiveness of the Title IV-E stipend program and California's core training for newly hired social workers.

Her current project includes testing an ecological model of workforce effectiveness, which examines the interrelatedness between social worker and agency characteristics and their impact on case outcomes. She is also involved in creating the evaluation strategy for California's revised Common Core 3.0 curriculum.

Her most recent past work has examined the effectiveness of learning and development initiatives for a corporate university. Dr. Rao Hermon's prior experience also includes researching the evaluation of substance abuse treatment; in particular, looking at the role of psychosocial functioning in predicting treatment outcomes.


  • Workforce Effectiveness
  • Psychosocial Functioning in Predicting Treatment Outcomes

Expanded Publications

Rao Hermon, S., Biehl, M., & Chahla, R. (in press). Views on workplace culture and climate: Through the lens of retention and Title IV-E participation. Journal of Public Child Welfare.

Rao Hermon, S., & Chahla, R. (in press). Working under stress: A longitudinal study of stress and satisfaction among Title IV-E public child welfare workers. Journal of Social Work.

Jacquet, S.J., & Rao Hermon, S. (2017). Job expectations and career goals of Title IV-E child welfare social workers with varying levels of work experience: How do they differ? Journal of Public Child Welfare.

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