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Elena Portacolone

Associate Specialist, Mack Center on Mental Health and Social Conflict

ELENA PORTACOLONE is an associate specialist at the Mack Center on Mental Health and Social Conflict. She also currently serves as an assistant professor at UCSF's Institute for Health and Aging.

Dr. Portacolone’s research, which focuses on the role of policies to allow older adults to remain in their community as they age, has expanded the body of knowledge on the experience of living alone in older age in the United States.

In her publications based on her ethnographic investigation of 47 older Americans living alone, she examined the likely “precariousness” of living alone in advanced age in the US as well as the trend towards the spatial age segregation of older solo dwellers. Her current research activities include an investigation of the unmet needs of older adults living in areas with high crime in the San Francisco Bay Area; an investigation of older adults living alone with cognitive impairment; and the emergency preparedness of older adults requiring a home care aide to live at home.

Click here for Dr. Portacolone's personal website and here for her blog on living alone and aging



  • Health and Aging
  • Living Alone in Older Age in the United States.

Expanded Publications

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