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Benjamin Bailey

Post-Doctoral Scholar

BENJAMIN BAILEY'S career in social work combines research, practice and teaching.

Starting out as a social worker at an innovative government service for male offenders of domestic violence in Israel, Dr. Bailey has been involved in practice with a similar client population as well as teaching the subject for the past 17 years. He builds on a decade of experience as a practitioner and has embarked on a career as a researcher, exploring questions that relate to social workers, clients and interventions in this field.

Dr. Bailey's dissertation research looked into the phenomenon of women’s abuse and violence toward a male partner in a heterosexual intimate relationship. He recently submitted a paper presenting his data on women’s psychological abuse entitled, "Not as dangerous, still as hurtful: What practitioners might underestimate in women's abuse of a male partner."

As  a Haruv Institute post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Bailey has diverted his main research focus from intimate partner violence to various aspects of child maltreatment. He is currently working under the guidance of Dean and Professor Jeffrey Edleson, with his post-doctoral research focused on the differential long-term effects of the violent parent's gender on intimate relationships in adulthood for men and women and dating violence among teens from a preventative perspective.


  • Intimate Partner Violence 
  • Child Maltreatment