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Forms, Handbooks, Petitions & More for Students

Academic Calendar
Academic Policies
Class Schedules & Courses
Curriculum Guides & Handbooks
Forms & Petitions
International Learning Experience Forms & Resources
Professional Development
Social Science Resources

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar
Academic Calendar Policies and Guidelines


Academic Policies

Berkeley Academic Guide: Academic Policies
College of Letters & Science (L&S) Undergraduate Advising
Graduate Division Guide to Graduate Policy


Class Schedules & Courses

Schedule of Classes
Social Welfare Courses



Curriculum Guides & Handbooks

Berkeley Academic Guide to Social Welfare: Undergraduate
Berkeley Academic Guide to Social Welfare: Graduate

Social Welfare BA Majors
Social Welfare Major Requirements & Declaration Worksheet
2016-17 Undergraduate Student Handbook
Master Lists of Approved Primary & Secondary Electives

Master of Social Welfare (MSW)
2017-18 MSW Program Manual & Student Guide to Field Education
2016-17 MSW Program Manual & Student Guide to Field Education
2015-16 MSW Program Manual & Student Guide to Field Education

MSW Degree Requirements & Approved Elective + Diversity Courses

MSW/MPH Student Handbook (Fall 2015 and Fall 2016 Entry)

MSW/MPP Curriculum Planning Guide (Fall 2017 entry)
MSW/MPP Curriculum Planning Guide (Fall 2015 entry)

MSW+School Social Work (PPSC)
Guide to School Social Work Credentialing Program ("PPSC Handbook")

Doctoral Students
2017-18 Doctoral Student Handbook
2016-17 Doctoral Student Handbook
2015-16 Doctoral Student Handbook
2014-15 Doctoral Student Handbook


Forms & Petitions

Undergraduate Majors
Social Welfare Major Requirements & Declaration Worksheet
SOC WEL 97/197: Field Studies Course Proposal Form
SOC WEL 98/198: Group Studies Course Application Packet
SOC WEL 98/198: Faculty Checklist for Student-Facilitated 98/198 Courses
SOC WEL 199: Independent Study/Research Proposal Form

Graduate Students
Graduate Petition to Change Course Schedule - required after 3rd week of semester
Independent Study (296)/Independent Research (299) Proposal Form
"Request for Incomplete Grade" Packet

For MSW Field Education manuals and forms, please visit Field Forms, Policies and Calendars

Doctoral Students
Progress Reports
1st Year Progress Report Template
Pre-Qualifying Exam Progress Report Template
Instructions for Advanced Students to Complete Online Doctoral Candidacy Review
Instructions for Faculty to Respond to Online Doctoral Candidacy Review

Qualifying Exam
Qualifying Examination Checklist (LEGACY model)
Cover Sheet for Qualifying Exam Materials (LEGACY model)
Social Welfare Qualifying Examination Approval Form (INTERIM model)
Graduate Division Application for Qualifying Examination
Graduate Division Report on the Qualifying Examination
Application for Candidacy (Plan B)

Dissertation Prospectus Evaluation Form
Dissertation Prospectus Sign-Off Form


International Learning Experience Forms & Resources

International Learning Experience Policies, Procedures and Resources Guide
Emergency Preparedness & Action Plan Form
Risk Assessment Tool


Professional Development

Berkeley Social Welfare Career Guide
Career Center
GSI Teaching & Resource Center
Social Welfare Careers: The Undergraduate Portfolio


Social Science Resources

CITI Online Human Subjects Training Course
D-Lab: Social Science Data Laboratory
Research Data Management
Social Research Library
Social Science Matrix